Clean Often Decal

Clean Often Decal

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Clearly designate high-touch surfaces so team members and janitorial staff are advised of the high-frequency cleaning needed for these high-use areas of your facility including door handles, light switches, environmental controls, vending machines and break room appliances.

  • Flexible film protects image and provides scuff and solvent resistance

  • Permanent removable adhesive.

  • Provides adhesion to a wide range of surfaces (walls, equipment, desktops, appliances).

  • When it is time to remove, there is low risk to surface damage and no adhesive residue

  • OSHA Compliant, ANSI Z535.1 color standards

  • Available in English

  • Large icons for user recognition

  • Diameter 5" / 12.7 cm

  • 50 pack

Tags: Decals Infection Control PPE Signs Stickers Work Safe

  • Call for price and availability, 1 (800) 717-4677

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